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Closing the Wealth Gap in Central Europe - Interview with Anna Wójcik and Wojciech Przybylski

Visegrad Inisght | Maciej Kisilowski | 25.05.2017 r. 

"(...) in Poland, the only way out of the current stalemate may be through creating a basket of mutually supportive regional strategies. A strategy may be written for an area that has common values, popular support for a given development path and of an adequate size for creating a globally attractive innovation cluster."

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  4306057269 4244e6595e    Rationale of Hope

TEDxDanubia | 4 May 2017 r.

Hope can seem difficult, even unfounded in the face of our daunting challenges and in light of our capacity for systemic change. But hope, in some sense, is the fountain of life, so it springs eternal in our humanity. So hope we must! But what are meaningful reasons to hope today? Where do we find the seeds of tomorrow? How could we hack the system and make real change? This session is about people and ideas offering such hope. About finding answers to how we could truly progress? Alone and Together.

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 Central Europe's Strategy in the Age of Trump - Opinion

EurActiv | Maciej Kisilowski | 9 November 2016 r.

"In such an uncertain world, there will simply be no place for crony management of state-owned enterprises or for dismissing millions of educated, creative citizens as politically inconvenient “enemies.” Critical areas of governance will require all available talent. In the safety of the liberal world, purging experts to make space for political loyalists is, by and large, an aesthetic problem. In the Trump Age, however, it may become an existential one."

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