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If you manage a public-sector organization – a school, a hospital, a cultural institution, a local- or central-governmental agency – congratulations! You have got a unique opportunity to influence the world around you. Administrategy is a practical guide which will help you make the best of this opportunity.

Combining rigorous research in dozens of governmental agencies throughout Central and Eastern Europe with the presentation of world’s best practices, the book offers step-by-step suggestions on how to manage a successful governmental agency while advancing your own professional career.

Administrategy is also an invitation to rethink some entrenched paradigms of our public administration. Creating a fantastic hospital, developing a country or a city, supporting an economy on its path to global competitiveness are challenges that require a good strategy and creative team of talented, energetic employees.

It is in our national interest to strategically align public institutions around clear goals and professional organizational culture, so that the work in public administration attracts the best and brightest.

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